Of numerous sexting degree used on Western countries have demostrated one the brand new percentage try highest into the reduced traditional cultures

Of numerous sexting degree used on Western countries have demostrated one the brand new percentage try highest into the reduced traditional cultures


But not, new generalizability on the technology in order to low-West societies hasn’t been extensively investigated. The purpose of this study is to evaluate and you may describe get across-social differences in sexting decisions one of sufferers out of Bosnia and Herzegovina and you will Croatia. A combined procedures approach was applied. The initial, qualitative stage integrated desire organizations that have two categories of highschool children from Bosnia and Herzegovina and you will Croatia (

), aged 15 to help you 19. Throughout the 2nd, decimal phase, forms was indeed sent to 440 teenagers having the average many years regarding 21 ages (

). In the interviews toward teenagers, nonconsensual sexting try regarded as less useful. Sexting is regarded as a dual simple. The brand new decimal studies found sex and you may country differences in perceptions into sexting and you will motives to have sexting. Self-confident perceptions towards sexting had been receive to assume variations out-of sexting motives in examples. In the datingmentor.org/escort/concord take to away from Bosnia and you can Herzegovina, many years are discovered so you can predict sexting having instrumental aim and the entire body visualize reinforcement purposes. Intercourse, while doing so, try discovered to be predictive from important sexting motives in the Croatian sample and body image reinforcement sexting objectives throughout the Bosnia and you can Herzegovina test. This study illustrates the value of mix-social tips along with combined strategies since a design to study sexting choices.

step 1. Inclusion

In recent years, on rapid development of technical, a specific type of decisions have came up titled sexting-the latest sharing from notice-delivered intimate situation thru consumer electronics . Sexting emphasizes relationship framework and you can concur and can enjoys self-confident outcomes, like building an intimate dating anywhere between partners, particularly when lovers was split . Bad consequences away from sexting may include psychological trouble , blackmail, and you will (cyber) intimidation [5, 6].

Past research has treated loads of facts one to define why adolescents participate in sexting, and additionally sexual intentions (elizabeth.g., teasing, initiation out-of sexual intercourse, and you will sexual interest throughout the individual) [eight, 8], human anatomy picture support [9, 10], being pressured (; Kopecky, 2011), or harming people in return for likes or money and you can victimization and perpetration from sexting [8, 12]. Sexual motives enhanced as we grow older, whenever you are human anatomy image support displayed an effective quadratic development, increasing of puberty in order to very early more youthful adulthood and you will coming down of very early so you can later younger adulthood .

Along with determination having sexting, a person’s thoughts with the sexting the most essential predictors from engagement inside the sexting conclusion . Bad attitudes on sexting are possible embarrassment and anxiety about character . In contrast, people have self-confident hopes of sexting and you may accept that performing inside sexting develops worry about-count on that’s an approach to boost sexual and relationship satisfaction certainly couples [15–18]. Most emerging people understand intimate conclusion because normative and you can there clearly was smaller stigma for the sexual intercourse than simply among adolescents . Concurrently, teenagers are more more than likely than simply teens to take part in sexting, and you may sexting could be a common choices inside built more youthful adult dating (; Mori mais aussi al., 2020).

Gender jobs are also a key point in reasons and you can attitudes on sexting. Teenage boys try much more more than likely than young women to gain access to sexting in an effort to feel popular, has “enjoyable,” and stay appropriate immediately after a love separation . Concurrently, sexting try perceived as riskier and of this far more bad effects of the women than just because of the guys [21, 22].

Several other factor that influences sexting are social record . Specific ideas already accustomed define sexting (e.g., [23–26]) target how an attitude such as for example sexting try embedded from inside the a great types of people, but cross-cultural evaluations was rare and search for the sexting choices begins out of an american premise. Established research has ideal that sociocultural things should be considered so you can understand variations in the newest sexting occurrence around the places. Earlier in the day get across-social training [27–32] have discovered one to knowledge from sexting are very different because of the country and sex, that have higher incidence from inside the quicker traditional nations and a lot more pronounced sex variations in regions with more liberal views regarding sexual choices compatible for females compared to intimately permissive regions.